About Us

YouwinHK Health Centre

Here at YouwinHK Health Centre, we’re committed to bringing you the most accurate and personalized medical report. Our philosophy is to be transparent and educate our clients to understanding restoring their health through advance bio-resonance integrative methodologies.

By understanding biophysics and electromagnetic technologies, our unique μMRA approach combines the principles of traditional Chinese healing and natural holistic repair from the body. Our Health Consultants have well over 20 years of experience to help our clients understand the root of each illness. Visit us and book an appointment to unlock your health and understand what your body needs to stay healthy.


What is Bio-resonance?

Bio-resonance is a precise yet non-invasive health assessment technology AND an effective health analytic tool originating from Germany.

The idea behind bio-resonance is that all living matter is comprise of vibration frequencies within each cell. Within each specific cell are billions of atoms that vibrate, every cell has a different electromagnetic frequency in which they resonate. Large groups of cells within an organ/system will have multiple frequency waves which are unique and harmonious with the entire body.  

μMRA Bio-resonance we can detect the frequencies given off by the body, often long before the signs of disease occur or can be detected by medical procedures. Experts have studied that imbalances will lead to “disease”, “illness” and even “cancerous anomalies”. By picking up these imbalance frequencies within each cell/organ or body we are able to accurately and objectively evaluate the illness before it can spread or develop.

Our μMRA Bio-resonance machine has over 2,000+ specific configurations frequencies for each nutrient, natural substances, body’s organs and systems. Our patents come to us to have a holistic body check to figure out what food, supplements, medication etc can help strength or weaken the body. This is an effective way to avoid and spending on ineffective or even harmful products to you. One product that works for someone may not work for you.