Frequently Asked Questions


How does the body check procedure work?

Our u-MRA body check is a painless and injection free procedure. Patient arrives at our clinic will fill out a form for better understanding of his/her condition, and will be required to remove all metallic items so it will not interfere with the magnetic waves during the check up. Patient only needs to hold a magnetic bar in the right hand and clamp a magnetic clip onto the left wrist. He/she does not have to remove any clothings and minor small metallic items are allowed (example: buttons, zippers etc.)

What is the theory and function u-MRA?

MRA (Magnetic Resonance Analyser) based on quantum theory, through resonating properties of waves, compares the deviation of biological waves to the standard waves stored in the computer to determine the patent's current health condition.

What can be found by under going the body check?

MRA can reveal one’s existing health condition, any hidden diseases, vitamin/mineral deficiency, body absorption, metabolism and the current state of the body. Also, Supplements and vitamins can be tested in the MRA machine to stimulate it’s effects on the body after consumption.

How long does body check procedure take?

The body check can last anytime from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the number of items you would like to check. A standard body check consists of 50 items takes about 60 mins to complete.

How much does the body check procedure cost?

Standard body check is HKD $2,500 for 50 items. If you like to test more specific parts of your body, HKD $50 will be charged for each additional item.



How does the Liver Detoxification procedure work?

Patient will be required to arrive at the clinic at 5pm. However, prior to arrival, no water or food after 2pm (Suggest eating something light for breakfast and lunch). Our staff will help you fill out detoxing form, measure blood pressure and weight. The patient will drink 5 bottles of detoxing fluids throughout the entire procedure. We will use our Bio-Resonance Digestive cleansing machine and vibrating belt to discharge any toxins and waste in the abdominal and liver area. During the entire treatment, patient will also ask to drink one bottle of special "bio" water to stimulate the detox process. Kindly note you will experience diarrhea throughout the procedure, which allows the body to discharge any waste or toxins naturally. 

Who should come for Detoxing Cleansing?

Patients or customers who experience skin allergies, obesity, hypertension, excessive blood lipids, fatty liver, hyperglycemia (High blood sugar), coronary heart diseases, strokes, chronic fatigue, excessive stomach acid, flatulence, oedema, prostate enlargement and arthritis should come for Detox Cleansing. Our health consultant will evaluate your body condition first with the use of u-MRA machine (see above), prior to recommending the Detox procedure. 

How long does the Liver Detox procedure take?

Normally it will take about 18 hours, we suggest the client to arrive at our clinic at 5pm to fill out all the paperwork and get all measurements done. Officially the procedure starts at 6pm and will last to 12pm (Noon) the following day. Everyone has different body type and reaction to the Detox process, so there maybe longer time if body reacts slower.

Are there age limit or any restrictions for Liver DETOX?

No, anyone can detox if his/her body is fit to do the process, but for those had heart attack, strokes, bleeding, surgery etc, they need to recover themselves to a stable condition before coming for detox. 

How much does the Liver DETOX procedure cost?

DETOX price is HKD $14,500 per session per person

Is there anything need to pay attention after DETOX?

After detox, patents should pay special attention to their daily diet, health maintenance, exercise etc. Taking some supplements are relevant for their organs as well.



How to know which supplement or nutrition are most suitable for me?

Our u-MRA scanner will check in minutes and give you the best choice/solution for your body and health. We have supplements and vitamins at our clinic recommend to you. The results are backed by datas from body check.

Can I bring my own supplements or food to check?

Yes, you can bring anything come to checkup. We will charge a testing fee of $10 per item. In addition, please pack your supplements or foods in plastic bags or paper containers as magnetic and metals will interfere with the accuracy of the results. 

Where can I buy the supplements and nutrition we recommend?

All our products and supplements can be purchased online through our website: or buy directly at our clinic Youwin Health Centre at Wanchai, Hong Kong. (Tel: 2333-1999)