SOD 1000 Enzyme

SOD 1000 Enzyme

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The grading of SOD enzyme can be determined by its SOD (Superoxide dismutase) activity index. The higher the index, the higher the quality, the faster the effectiveness carried out in the body.

SOD 1000 Enzyme is fermented using over 30 types of fruits vegetables. The patented fermentation technique allows the natural enzymes to reach its optimum potency for a healthier body. This supplement contains 1276U/cc of SOD-like, which is considered as the one of the highest amount of its kind in the market.



SOD nutritional essentials that may enhance and revitalize your body, including:

  • Improve immune system and blood circulation
  • Remove excess free radicals
  • Promote new cells growth and improve skin conditions
  • Enhance memory while deter age-related deterioration of brain functions
  • Restore and maintain optimum acid-alkali levels
  • Stimulate intestinal movements and increase nutrient absorption
  • Detox, relieve constipation and minimize gastrointestinal tract issues
  • Heighten metabolism and increase energy levels
  • Enrich sleep quality and boost vitality